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Terms and conditions Complaint
I. General provisions and definitions
1. Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Conditions) apply only to the business relationship between buyer and seller:
Ing. Michal Pristáš - Renie Servítky
Ternavská 2238/5
075 01 Trebišov
Slovak Republic

Business Nr.:50220144
Tax Nr.: 2120248163
We are not VAT registered
(the operator).
concluded through the online store
(the trade)

2. Buyer shall mean the natural or legal person who sent the order via the portal
3. The order means a sent electronic form containing information on the buyer, the list of ordered goods supply store and the total order price, the system processed trade.
4. Terms closer arrangements, and clarify the rights and obligations of a buyer in its current version.
II. Order, conclusion of the contract and withdrawal
1. The condition of the electronic order form is true and complete fill all the particulars required in the registration system, or in implementing the order.
2. Minimum order is not fixed.
3. All received electronic orders are considered a draft purchase and sales contracts are considered binding on both parties.
4. The operator accepts the proposal to the contract by the buyer the goods are delivered to the address supplied by the buyer.
5. The buyer is entitled to cancel the order without giving any reason within 1 hour of its posting. (Operator will handle order  after 1 hour from receipt of order).
6. Priority shall be handled in the order in which the buyer pays in advance - by transfer to our account. Invoice and a copy will be sent to the email specified in the order form, or all the information necessary to implement payments notified by telephone to complete assembly of the order. Outstanding invoices is considered a violation of terms of trade.
7. To possess closed sales contract occurs taking over Buyer. The purchaser is entitled, without giving any reason to cancel the contract within three working days from the award of the contract in accordance with Section 12 of Act no. 108/2000 Z.z. In case of withdrawal from the contract the buyer is obliged to return the goods to the operator without defects, undamaged and in original packaging.
8. The operator undertakes to take delivery (no cash on delivery!) And return the purchaser the amount paid minus the amount of the demonstrable costs linked with the buyer's order within 15 days from the date of delivery of the goods to the operator. The operator returns the money to the buyer by mutual consent in writing given to the buyer's account, or any other form with the agreement of both parties.
9. reserve the right to deliver only reasonably available quantities of items ordered by the buyer.
III. Delivery terms and conditions
1. The place of performance of the contract means the domicile (seat), place of business or the buyer listed on the registration form trade or in the order form. The goods will be supplied by the operator using the services of third parties (the Slovak Post, courier company), or deliver the goods by its own means, respectively. in agreement with the buyer.
2. Delivery of goods is done by transferring it to the buyer or post or first carrier for transmission to the purchaser.
3. Title to the goods passes to the buyer, subject to payment of the purchase amount in full.
4. The operator sends the goods to the buyer in the shortest possible time after the adoption of electronic order (it is usually within 5 working days). Time to send the goods may, in exceptional cases longer. Such a situation is the buyer notified by phone or email. Backlog goods to 31 calendar days entitle the buyer to cancel the contract.
5. The goods will be delivered to the purchaser in a common enclosure, except when the nature of the goods or the agreement under special requirements.
6. The buyer is aware of and agrees submitting your order, breach of business, with the publication of its full name, address and city of residence to a or on partner websites in the section to be created.
IV. Purchase price and payment options
1. All prices listed on are without VAT.
2. The purchase price is due at the latest on receipt of goods (cash on delivery) or on the date stated on the invoice (payment in advance), unless both parties agree otherwise.
3. If the price of goods paid for by means of electronic payment, the goods are dispatched preferentially after receiving the total price to the account operator.
4. reserve the right to demand the payment in advance for any reason.
5. In case of refusal to pay the order in advance, the operator of order is considered invalid.
6. Payment options at an operator-cash personal collection, by agreement, or in receipt of the goods by courier; bank transfer, PayPal or wire transfer.
V. Warranty, claims, documents
1. The operator shall deliver to the buyer all relevant documents which apply to goods with the goods, ie: invoice - tax document.
2. The operator shall provide to the goods delivered warranty either expressed in the invoice (delivery note - delivery note serves as the warranty certificate) if it is not mentioned in the delivery note and the minimum guarantee is 24 months from the date of sale.
3. The buyer shall notify the seller using the contact number or contact email address on possible damage to the goods ordered by a third party (the shipper) no later than the day following receipt of the goods, otherwise the buyer loses the right to claim.
4.Záruka lapses in case of unauthorized interference with the goods by the person to implement an act not expressly operator or manufacturer of goods empowerment.
VI. Shipping and handling
1. The operator reserves the right to change the amount of postage (from a letter to the package) when ordering goods which despite its weight does not meet the conditions of letter items.
2. Overview of possible methods of delivery of shipments and prices:
3. Shipping is governed by the applicable Tariff Slovak Post. Available price list can be found on the website of the Slovak Post.
4. The price of postage and packaging will be displayed in the shopping cart when ordering the buyer based on the weight of executing the order.
5. Make the payment after receiving the email, in which all relevant information for the payments made.

VII. Final and transitional provisions

Submitting the order, the buyer gives his consent to the processing of data pursuant to Act no. 428/2002 Coll. on Personal Data Protection, as amended. Seller agrees not to provide any personal information of the buyer and no further information on the buyer to a third party. The exceptions are the buyer's personal information necessary to deliver goods provided by the carrier.

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